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Book cover of A Good Life


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A Good Life

A Good Life

by Al Etmanski


Every parent whose child lives with a disability

   struggles with the same question:

"Who will look after my child after I'm gone?"

A Good Life is an essential resource for families, friends and caregivers of people with disabilities.  It offers a step by step guide to creating a plan for the future which provides for the safety, security and well being of people with disability.  It leads the reader to look beyond professional human services when creating a safe and secure future.  It is designed to motivate readers to action. 

Among the issues covered are


creating a special needs trust


discovering the hidden gifts of people with disabilities


letting go - the toughest job for parents


ending the isolation and loneliness of individuals with disabilities


accumulating and maximizing wealth


reducing dependence on government assistance


self-determination and individualized funding


alternatives to formal, legal guardianship


seeing beyond group homes - creating home as sanctuary and haven


will and estate planning


confronting death and other mortal fears

From our perspective, the big long-term issue in our kids' lives is community-building. It's who will be there with you, and for you, over the long haul. The pattern in PLAN's new book, A Good Life, is the best we've found. There's a $5.00 discount for our readers - just use voucher code 112020 at A Good Life.

David and Faye

Book cover of Does She Know She's There

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Does She Know She's There?
by Nicola Schaefer, Ted Schaefer

A compassionate guide for anyone working with people with disabilities and their families.

Does She Know She's There? brings the story of Catherine Schaefer up to date. Brought up at home, after doctors told her parents to put her in an institution, Catherine now has her own home, and is an integral part of her community. The book, by her mother, Nicola, is a funny, intelligent, and compassionate story of her years of effort to create an atmosphere where her daughter can thrive and have joy in her life. And yes, Catherine knows she's there!

$20 + $5 first copy shipping

Available from Inclusion Press

PATH: Planning Positive Possible Futures
Jack Pearpoint, Marsha Forest and John O'Brien

A guide to exciting, creative, colorful futures planning for families, organizations and schools to build caring "including" places to live, work & learn.  PATH is not for the faint of heart. It is very results oriented.

This is the 'hottest' item from Inclusion Press.  If you are interested in and/or using PATH, this is a must. According to those doing PATH, it is indispensable. One reader said "no matter how many PATHs I do, I always take it with me."

PATH is a creative planning tool which starts in the future and works backwards to an outcome of first (beginning) steps that are possible and positive. It is excellent for team building. It has been used to mediate conflicts. It is loved by people who actually want to change the ways we currently work. Groups teaching PATH as a tool will hopefully have a copy for each student.

Book Cover of The Stone People


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the author

The Stone People: living together in a different world
by Joseph Schaeffer, Ph.D.

Joe Schaeffer taught us the Stone Game, a simple, incredibly powerful tool for creating conversation, and for ending patterns of domination in our relationships.

...for people who want to live differently together: parents and children who can't stand fighting with each other any more; elementary and secondary school students who have had enough trouble and strife for a lifetime; teacher, doctors and nurses, social workers who hope to be effective in this ever more diverse society; leaders in government and business who intend to be truly cooperative and creative with each other.

"I read many books about community and communication.  This is the first time I have learned something really new in years.  If you have three days for one program, make sure this is the one you choose."

- retired teacher

Book cover of Celebrating the Ordinary


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Inclusion Press

Celebrating the Ordinary
by John O'Brien, Connie Lyle O'Brien, Gail Jacob

This book is a deep and compelling journey into the real issues of supported living. Before 'Supported Living' became a familiar term, Options, a small organization in Madison, WI, was attempting to personalize services and assist people to live in their own homes. That was twenty years ago. How this happened, and the complex stumbling blocks, is the subject of this book. It is the story of the passion, dedication and dreams of a remarkable group of people - both the staff and the people they serve.

For some, this is a book to read; for others, it is a thoughtful text worthy of in-depth study. 245 pages of brilliant analysis that will benefit anyone involved in supported living - ranging from directors to direct support staff.  For anyone involved in Supported Living - building community - supporting change.

Some of the issues explored include:

bulletFrom packages to people
bulletBeliefs define the pattern
bulletAvoiding the growth trap
bulletAcknowledging difficulty
bulletSigns of trouble
bulletRelationships as a resource
bulletMaking funding flexible
bulletChewing on intractable problems
bulletNine enduring understandings
Everything at Inclusion Press!

"When we began Inclusion Press in 1990, our friend, colleague and mentor, Bob Perske advised us to publish one or two things that we really loved each year. That way our Press would have integrity. We have followed Bob's advice, and over the years, have built a small but treasured collection of books and videos that are used all over the world. They are designed to help families, individuals and organizations make the world a better place for all of us."

- Jack Pearpoint and Marsha Forest